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Gelato Machine 10ltr

₹ 75,000

Gelato ice cream machine is produces premium quality Galeto (Hard Ice cream)  and sorbet with natural fruit base. Provided unique hardness control system to ensure perfect product consistency of ice cream every time. Specially crafted beaters with delrin beater blades. Gelato machine is ideal for restaurants, Ice cream parlors, bars, party shops.Gelato Ice cream makers are great in fast food applications, as they create a quick grab-and-go dessert selection. We offe..

Chicken Cutting Machine 1hp

₹ 61,500

Chicken Cutting Machine is designed to cut parts of the chicken manually. The Chicken meat cutting machine contains a stainless steel frame and motor.our chicken cutting machine is completely made of stainless steel parts so it gives the extended life. Our chicken cutting machines bring the advanced features to reduces your effort towards the chicken cutting process, our machine is manufactured with finest quality steel, and it has the ability to cut the chicken into pie..

Ice Lolly Machine 40 Moulds

₹ 239,000

This popsicle machine is easy to operate. Connect to the power supply and turn on the Refrigeration Switch first. Pour the mixture into the molds, cover the lid of the mold, insert sticks, close the cover after the temperature of refrigerant went down to -16°c and The popsicles will be finished after 15 mins. Widely used in tea restaurants, coffee shops, frozen foods, leisure food, liquor stores, and so on.304 stainless steel molds to make sure it is durable. Fast coolin..

Tandoori Oven SS 24x24x37

₹ 21,000

This stainless steel tandoor oven is perfect for restaurant use. Make perfect tandoori naans, rotis, and parathas with this beautiful piece. This type ovens  are known throughout India as one of the highest quality and most durable tandoor ovens available. One of the biggest advantages of these ovens is that once they are heated, they will maintain a consistent high temperature for hours with very little additional fuel.Product Video :..

Gn Pan Lid Polycarbonate 1/6

₹ 210

This lid covers 1/6 size  gastronorm containers, keeping food warmer for longer and safe from contamination with a special inner seal. This seal also reduces the risk of spillages, saving you time and money on wastage. Constructed from strong polypropylene plastic, the lid is very hard wearing, making it ideal for use in a busy food preparation environment. .   Technical Specifications :Type          : 1/6Dimension : 7” x 6.4” ..

Polycarbonatel Gn Pan 1/4 0.8” Depth

₹ 280

Transparent Polycarbonate GN pan make work easy for every gives clear visibility in storage racks and refrigerators. These Pans are light weight and durable in nature.Technical Specifications :Type          : 1/4Depth        : 20mmDimension : 10.4” x 6.4” x 0.8”Capacity    : 0.6Ltr Features : For temperature ranges from -40°C to +100°CAbsolutely odorlessTransparent, contents are easy to recognizeLight..

Water Purifier 22ltr Warm & Hot Water

₹ 26,500

The water purifier coming with the option choosing water purification methods based on the quality of raw water. An advanced Micro controller based PCB that assures 100% purity irrespective of purification methods and raw water quality . It also ensures auto cut off during a purifier failure or malfunction. Advanced preventive maintenance information display using a logical programming.Technical Specifications :Type          &..

Stainless Steel Gn Pan 1/4 0.8” Depth

₹ 280

This Stainless Steel GN Pan are used as durable food holders for food service purpose. They are perfect for holding food, condiments, or any other eatery items. They can also be used as a simple roast pan in the oven, a food pan of the chafing dish or food warmer, tray of the bain marie and so on. The particularly neat feature of this GN pan is that it has an anti-jam ridge that runs along all four sides, so that it stack neatly when you've more than one, without ja..

Perforated Gn Pan 1/2 1.5" Depth

₹ 630

This pan is particularly useful for slotting into a buffet station or preparation unit for quick and easy access to foods. Constructed from stainless steel, the pan resists warping and shattering, enabling it to stand up to years of commercial kitchen usage, which saves you money on buying replacements.The perforations in the bottom allow for steam cooking, giving you another option to cook food during busy periods.Technical Specifications :Type       ..

Commercial Foodsteamer Mini 8 Trays Electric

₹ 35,000

Multi-Purpose Food steamers are made with aesthetic design incomplete food-grade stainless steel with a wide range of Stainless steel trays. This Multipurpose Steamer can be used to cook Rice, Idli, Dhokla, Momos, Chick Peas, Pulses, Vegetable like Potatoes, Carrots, Beans, Mushroom, Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflowers, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, and other Vegetables, Non-Vegetarian Food like Fish, Chicken and do many steam cooking possibilities. Technical Specifications :Capacity&n..

Instant Rice Grinder 7 inch

₹ 44,750

Cookkart's instant rice grinder is the smart product to have in every kitchen household. As the name suggests the rice batter can be derived easily from the instant rice grinder with ease which would hardly take 20 minutes for efficient grinding of batter. The functioning of the instant rice grinder is very similar to the conventional ordinary wet grinder which can run on a power of 2hp high torque motor. It has got the widest application in large scale canteen contracto..

Chocolate Fountain Machine 4 Steps

₹ 9,700

The Chocolate Fountain will surely leave the fun flowing on your party as it is a hit with the kids and adults alike. It uses an auger-style mechanism so you do not have to worry about chocolate clogging on the tubes.Made of stainless steel and a heat-resistant plastic, the Chocolate Fountain will serve for a long life that’s worry-free of rust while keeping its features of being both durable and easy to clean. Simply place the Chocolate Fountain on a counter-top or tabl..

Alfaham Chicken Barbecue Machine Automatic Rotation

₹ 68,600

Al Faham grilled chicken is a popular middle eastern dish prepared with chicken marinated in Arabian spices,  This Al Faham Chicken Barbecue machine equipped with 6 Basket toaster bats and 350w motorized fanProduct Video :     ..

Bain Marie Counter 9Ltr 2 Pans

₹ 17,000

A bain marie counter, a type of heated bath, is a piece of equipment used in Buffets, and hotels to heat Prepared foods  gently or to keep food items  warm over a period of time. High-quality stainless steel Material and stable, self-supporting and hygienic design. Enclosed design with seamlessly welded, fully insulated wells, can be heated wet or dry, These hot bain marie counter can hold a different sizes of GN pan containers. Cookkart’s bain marie counter pr..

Waffle Cone Baker 7inch

₹ 9,750

The Ice cream waffle cone baker has an 220mm grid and 1000 watts of heating power that will evenly bake your waffle cones. The non-stick surface makes cone retrieval and cleaning easier, while operation is simplified by dial controls. The stainless steel construction of the waffle cone baker provides durability and corrosion resistance that should mean this unit lasts for years...

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