Commercial Orange Juice Machine

Commercial Orange Juice Machine

Make quick work out of your juicing process with the Orange juice machine, capable of squeezing 22 to 30 oranges, lemons or limes per minute. You’ll no longer have to squeeze each orange individually by hand. This impressive machine will easily peel and squeeze multiple oranges at once so you can enjoy as much juice as you desire.

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Orange Juice Machine

Juicer machines are the quickest way to get fresh, healthy juice from fruits and vegetables. Masticating machines are designed to get the most possible juice from the product, so very little juice is ..

Commercial Orange Juicer Machine Automatic

Auto Feed 22 to 30 oranges per minute make quick work out of your juicing process with the juice machine, capable of squeezing 20 to 30 oranges squeezes oranges ranging from dia. 40-90Mm.. This impres..
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Commercial Orange Juice Machine

ð This special cookkart’s machine is made to extract juice automatically for commercial outlets.

       ð It is made of fine grade Stainless Steel.

ð And contains high-quality components.

ð It is safe and easy to use and clean.

ð Safety is priority hence it comes with safety cut off switch.

ð It can be operated easily.

ð It offers wide commercial application.

ð No, it uses basic low power of 110-120 V at 60 Hz.