Dough Divider

Dough Divider

Presenting you the most unique and efficient Dough Divider for your astonishing and friendly kitchen. Dough Divider quickly divides the Dough into your desired shapes and sizes and also keep your kitchen always clean and never worry about getting your hands dirty. The Robust dough Divider is specially designed to shape dough into versatile sizes of bread in the bakery industry. It is ideal for moulding dough to make rolls, buns, toasts, baguettes, loves etc. The sleek and rustproof Dough Cutter Machine ensures the long durability and reaction of free foods. The parts of this machine are easy to handle and user friendly due to which you will never get trouble while operating the dough Divider. Cheer with Cookkart and gift your kitchen the most Jubilant Dough Divider!

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Dough Divider 36Pcs

Made in high-quality stainless steel, Automatic Dough Divider is a stable, low noise machine that works on a hydraulic transmission and is capable of dividing the dough into 36 pieces (30- 100gm) at o..

Volumetric Divider

The Volumetric Dough Divider & Semi Rounder is suitable to work upon very soft or medium soft dough that contains minimum 0% to 55% of water content. The dough is processed using the natural proce..
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