Chafing Dish

Chafing Dish
These stainless steel chafing dishes are ideal for large scale events like parties dinner, wedding meals or the meals organized for the conferences or seminars. These are high voluminous and can hold larger quantities of the food. These Rectangular Chafing Dish and Round Chafing dish are ideal to store food and keep the same warm for an extended period of time. Roll top chafing dishes are being obtained in different shapes in accordance to the storage of the food. Shop Chafing dish online at cookkart and chafing dish price is economic and competitive. Different type of chafing dishes like Electric Chafing Dish, Brass Chafing Dish, Soup Chafing Dish,round lift top chafing dish and Hydraulic Chafing Dish

Chafing Dish

A chafing dish is a portable metal pan that is used to keep cooked food warm for serving. It has an outer pan of boiling water kept at a constant temperature which is fueled through fuel or electricity as a source of power. While the steam generated is used to keep the food hot.

Chafing dish is best to serve hot delicious food on a buffet display. Chafers are meant to keep the food simply warm and not for cooking the food.

For an efficient hot water base, a chafing dish requires one to three inches, which amounts to 2.5 to 7.6cm of boiling water, where the minimum requirement will be half an inch which amounts to 1.3cm. Please refer to the product instruction manual to know exactly how much water is required.

The food in the chafing dish will be fresh and hot up to two to six hours. The shelf life of different food items vary and it must be check accordingly.

Using a chafing dish is very simple and effortless. The key component of a chafing dish is a water pan, food pan, lid, and a stand. Special cut-offs are used to regulate the temperature to ensure the food doesn’t get overheated.

After dismantling the chafing dish, for mild stains of food, I was using the prescribed three sink method of rinse, soap, and wash. A microfiber washcloth is advisable to gently remove the stains during the wash.