Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator

The commercial refrigerator from Cookkart is aesthetically designed for big kitchens, hotels, and restaurants, with a soft look design. This guaranteed refrigerator entails a tropical-zed compressor and is made up of UV grade plastic material for a long-lasting appearance. Castor wheels are attached at the bottom of the refrigerator for easy mobility and convenient usage. As per the needs and requirements of your kitchen, you can choose from different sizes, capacities, and styles.

Commercial Refrigerator

ð The breakthrough refrigerator is designed to store products, keeping them at ideal storage temperature, which maintains the taste and quality of the foodstuff. Provided with adjustable shelves that deliver uniform cooling is one of the best features of the elite refrigerator.

ð Its comes with a massive storage capacity.

ð Making it fit for commercial use.

ð It is reliable and compressor comes with a massive warranty.

ð Yes, we have all kinds of storage units.

ð And we have its power options too.