Glass Froster

Glass Froster

Cookkart's market-winning and fabulous glass froster ensure both quality and efficiency at the same time. The award-winning stay clear condenser and the powerful cooling system makes the startling glass froster more profitable and must product in every commercial kitchen.

The technologically designed an advanced system of the glass froster prevents unnecessary condensation on the glass doors.

The innovative glass froster by Cookkart freezes glassware in just a couple of seconds. Ensuring customer satisfaction and eliminating the problem of over-freezing, Cookkart's glass froster is perfect for the commercial kitchen.

Hurry up and buy now at a reasonable price.


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Glass Froster 200Ltr

Glass Frosters are a perfect complement to any bar because the frosted glasses help keep beverages cold for longer, increasing customer satisfaction. This helps create an organized storage for your fr..
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