Idiyappam Machine

Idiyappam Machine

The automatic idiyappam making machine only takes a few minutes from the feeding to the output of finished products, which can produce fresh idiyappam or dry then packaging.The automatic idiyappam making machine uses extrusion molding, can make different shapes and width products by changing molds.

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Idiyappam Making Machine

Idiyappam making machines uses electronic control system and consistently make Idiyappam as fresh raw material is pressed on the place via pneumatic system, making fresh and consistent Idiyappam, vari..
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Idiyappam Making Machine

These machines are used to produce delectable Idiyappams which is a typical south Indian meal to feast upon any time of the day. it’s a popular traditional food made from rice, wheat, ragi and other variety of food grains.

This idiyappam making machine is easy to use and install. These machine uses an electronic control system and consistently make idiyappam as the fresh raw material is pressed on the place via the pneumatic system thereby making fresh idiyappam.

- Electronic and manual gear system makes it ideal for mass production idiyappam.

They are known for a seamless finish

- Ensures sturdy construction

- Minimum electricity consumption

- Optimum efficiency

- Fabricated from stainless steel

- Minimizes physical labor

- Corrosion-free

- Less maintenance

There is an array of options for the customers to choose from. It includes

- Hand-operated machines

- Fully automatic hydraulic machines

You can choose the machine according to your needs to make luscious idiyappam with mass production.