Top Food Preparation Equipment

Top Food Preparation Equipment
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Chicken Breading Table

These breading tables are compact and portable for Powder wrapping of Chicken and preparing products for frying. A spring-loaded hinged marinade basket makes preparing raw product into the frying read..

Banana Slicer

The easy-to-use  Banana Slicer provides a quick solution to slice a banana uniformly each and every time. Simply press the slicer on and place the peeled banana and the work is done. Vegetab..

Chicken Cutting Machine 0.5hp

Chicken Cutting Machine is designed to cut parts of the chicken manually. The Chicken meat cutting machine contains a stainless steel frame and motor.our chicken cutting machine is completely made of ..

Instant Rice Grinder 7” Kiran

Cookkart's instant rice grinder is the smart product to have in every kitchen household. As the name suggests the rice batter can be derived easily from the instant rice grinder with ease which would ..

Coffee Grinding Machine 10kgs

Stone type coffee grinder is mainly for the purpose of grinding coffee, wheat, rice and ragi. A motor which is of capacity 1.Hp is provided and when coffee beans are fed into the chamber it becomes co..
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Potato Peeler Machine 30kg

Vegetable Peeler machine with a drive shaft and housing, they minimize waste and increase portions per load of Vegetables or almost any root vegetable and fruits. Each unit is easy to use and clean wi..

Vegetable Cutting Machine 150Kgs

Vegetable Preparation Machine with a full moon with Feeder. The blades are interchangeable and very sharp in order to deliver perfect cutting results. The Commercial vegetable cutting machine has vari..
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