Rice Washing Machine

Rice Washing Machine

Cookkart brings Perfect Life Ideas Rice Washing and Strainer Gadget which is a very useful product with remarkable features. Auxiliary Rice Washing Machine is a great appliance if you are in a hurry and need to wash the rice in less time. Requisite Rice Washer Is a high efficiency, energy-saving and a must-have machine for Commercial Kitchen and Catering Establishments. The Robust rice Washer is made of high-quality stainless steel and easy to use. Exclusive Commercial Rice A washer machine is the best choice of Industry and Mining Enterprises, schools, government agencies. This Machine uses tap water for washing rice. Avoiding wastage of food is very necessary so a perfect life idea for rice washing is perfectly apt. Hurry up for this exciting offer By Cookkart!

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Rice Washing Machine 25kgs

Cookkart’s Rice Washer is specially designed for Efficient and trouble free washing of Rice and Pulses. With Compact and sturdy design, This machine can clean a batch of 25kgs rice or pulse within 5 t..
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Rice Washing Machine

A Rice washing machine is a fundamental machine for all the commercial kitchens and catering establishments. This automatic machine is commonly used to cleanse the rice in bulk quantity. They are the finest machines in the market since they compile both energy-saving and time-saving factors.

The Rice washing machine is made of high-quality stainless steel which is exemplary for cleaning rice and even other products such as wheat, beans, sesame, miller, vegetable seed, etc. This machine is the best choice for industry, mining enterprises, schools, and government agencies. This machine uses tap water for washing the rice.

Commercial Rice washing machine cleanses the rice and automatically ejects the impurities once the rice passes through the separator. On the other hand, always check to connect the machine with the water source. In the process, the rice is collected from the rice tube into the rice basket.

Once the Rice washing machine is used, its highly important to ensure there is no accumulation of rice, water, and any other impurities in the pipeline. A thorough inspection is to be done to maintain hygiene.

- They are Manufactured in a non-toxic way and hence they are harmless

- Low water Consumption

- Labor-saving

- Scientifically designed

- Precise structure

- Highly efficient

- Convenient operation