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Dosa Making Machine

Dosa Making Machine

The fully automatic machine by Cookkart has been propelled in the market. All the operations while preparing lip-smacking dosa from batter preparation, batter spreading over the hot plate to toasting and oil application, are organized systematically in this remarkable dosa making machine. This inimitable machine is enormously useful for the uniform spreading of the batter and cooking it nicely from within. Apart from these features, the dosa maker is a very clean and hygienic way of preparing tasty dosas. The irresistible dosa maker consumes very less oil as compared to other machines. Buy Fast! Grab this perfect dosa maker for your kitchen.

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Dosa Making Machine Automatic


All Operations in the Dosa making from batter dispersion,depositing and separating on the hot plate to toasting/roasting and oil application are organized in a systematic way. At the end of the end of the pre-determined residence time, the hot Dosa’s are rolled and discharged. This Machine is extremely useful for uniform dispersion and roasting. It’s also very clean and hygienic way of preparing dosa’s. The device is backed with variable speed drive arrangement and an ef..

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