Cold press Juicer

Cold press Juicer

Cookkart's range of premium cold press juicers is specially designed for commercial kitchens and hotels. With an excellent German Design and Engineering, the profitable cold press juicer is highly functional. Designed to work at a slower pace, the amazing cold press juicer extracts fruit and vegetable juices without applying any heat. This feature helps in retaining the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes.

The auger of the Cookkart's cold press juicer rotates at a slow speed, without generating any heat in the process. This helps maintain the taste and flavor of the fruits and vegetables.

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Cold Press Commercial Slow Juicer

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Cold Press Juicer Santos

The cold press juicer is the solution to all juice bars, restaurants and shops wishing to make fresh cold pressed juices, on demand, in front of the customer. This is a new way of juicing, pressing ve..
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Cold Press Juicer

A cold press juicer is a premium juice extracting machine which extracts more juice from the fruit, without producing more heat. Cookkart’s startling cold press juicer packs most of the fruit’s nutrients into the consumer’s body

Cookkart values its customers beyond infinity and thus, it does not compromise on quality at all. German design and technology have been used while designing the most profitable cold press juicer. Without heating up and retaining all the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables, Cookkart’s excellent cold press juicer is the best option to buy. 

- High technology has been used to design the remarkable cold press juicer.
- Cold press juicer by Cookkart can be kept anywhere in the kitchen as per the space requirements. 
- It does not cover much space in the kitchen.
- The sleek and elegant design makes the cold press juicer more attractive and thus, it can be used as a countertop. 

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