Milk Chiller

Milk Chiller

Pasteurization of milk will destroy the disease-causing bacteria and extends the shelf life of the milk which always keeps the milk farm fresh. Hence the refrigeration is the most important factor in maintaining the safety of the milk as it may lead to foodborne illness.Cookkart manufacture state-of-art machinery which ensures delivering trustable and high-performance products for your customers.Cookkart has got an array of milk chiller equipment and provide chilled water running which allows the rapid cooling process quicker. This rapid cooling is highly beneficial as it inhibits the growth of bacteria and thereby lowers energy costs. From sourcing the milk from the cow to the milk truck we understand your business to bring in the operational efficiency in the cooling process. The dairy industry demands 24*7 milk chiller equipment to be working reliable and efficient to maximize your profits. Let's configure the best milk chiller equipment from cookkart and get the most productivity out of every day.

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Milk Chiller for Coffee Machine

Refrigerated unit with a real compressor to go with your coffee machine. It preserves up to 8 (4+4) litres of milk. You can create the perfect light milk foam for trendy coffee creations by keeping th..

Milk Chiller 360Ltr

Milk Chillers come with a food-grade stainless steel inner compartment that allows for pre-chilled milk to be poured directly into the tank for chilling and is also suitable for storing & chilling..
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