Ice Gola Machine

Ice Gola Machine

Cookkart’s Ice Gola crusher machine is unique, non-electric appliance, made up of highly durable plastic. The vivid Ice Gola maker is a heavy-duty ice crushing machine, best suited for commercial and semi-commercial use. With no mess, the simple machine is easy to use and easy to clean too. Other features of the machine include its smooth elegant shape, low maintenance, anodized aluminum casing, and rust-resistant body. The efficient machine has been equipped with a steel plate and anti-slip handles. Crusher blade is made up of high-quality carbon and steel to give the best results to customers. Hurry! The fast and easy to operate Ice Gola machine is now available at a super affordable rate.

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Ice Gola Machine

An elementary way of crushing and shredding the Ice is done through the Ice Gola machine. These Ice Gola machines are popular in the country. They are evidently attracted by the children. These Gola machines are found in hotels, Restaurants, high clubs, and so on.

These Ice Gola machines help to produce large quantities of finely crushed or coarsely crushed Ice both under manual operation and automatic operation. These ice Gola makers work with heavy-duty blades along with added safety features. Once the lid is opened, The crushed automatically shuts off.

- Heavy Duty blades

- Removable drip tray

- Easy to use, clean and maintain

- Non-slip feet

- Manual and automatic timer

- Ideal for any professional set up

- Heavy-duty ideal for intensive and continuous production

- Low maintenance

- Compact design

- Crushed and shredded Ice can be utilized for framing and making numerous dishes of your choice.

- These machines are very durable

- Stops automatically once the Ice is Crushed

- Space-saving.