Welcome to the sizzling and shimmering world of Cookkart’s grills. It’s very susceptible and manageable with the new and stylish collection of impressive grills. The premium grill that has rust-proof aluminum vents that provide proper airflow for perfect grilling. This a barbeque grill is extremely easy to fabricate and tidy up. The heavy-duty ash collector and robust handles of the demanded grill add to its longevity and vitality. These extraordinary grills are very straightforward to install. Being at a reasonable price, these authentic grills could be the best addition by Cookkart members to your commercial kitchen or restaurant or hotel.

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Portable Charcoal Grill Smokey Premium 37 cm

Let nature set the scene as crisp air bites your cheeks. Complete serenity, with only the crackle of charcoal breaking the silence. Once you grab the handle of your Smokey Joe® Premium portable charco..

Charcoal Grill Compact 47cm

Whether sizzling meat, assembling unique skewers, or roasting tender chops. It starts with taking the first step, and opening up a world of grilling with the Compact charcoal grill. Discover the taste..

Charcoal Grill Original 47 cm

Cheers to the Original Kettle - a grill that was made for every backyard. For the memories created and ones soon to be made. Once the coals have extinguished, dinner is served, relax, and let the conv..

Charcoal Grill Compact 57cm

It’s time to grill. Put on your apron, take out the tools, and get started. Experiment with simple dishes and grilling methods or jump right in with a recipe you’ve been craving to try. It’s a matter ..

Charcoal Grill Original 57cm

Immerse yourself in the sound of crackling briquettes and the rich, inviting smell of smoke. Stay true to the modern version of the kettle that started it all - the Original Kettle. Invented by Weber'..

Gas Grill 1000

₹22,900.00 ₹25,800.00
The sun is shining and water glistening. Grab your Q 1000 portable gas grill, call your friends, and hit the waves. Small enough to go wherever you go with enough grilling space to concoct a quick mea..

Gas Grill 1200

Go hiking in nature, travel off the beaten path, or near the shore. Explore the world with big taste and your Q 1200 portable gas grill by your side.Technical Specification : Main Burners(Kw/H)&n..

Electric Grill 1400

It’s a sunny day in the city, ideal weather for dining out. Open your balcony door, plug in the grill, and enjoy the ambiance without leaving home. An urban barbecue is no longer wishful thinking with..

Charcoal Grill Original Premium 57cm

The authenticity of grilling with charcoal, classic design recognized by all, and the taste loved around the world. The Original Kettle Premium charcoal grill stays true to the backyard icon while tak..

Gas Grill 2200

It’s the little things that make life feel big. Grill a quick afternoon lunch, or fish for family dinner. The Q 2200 gas grill is an easy solution for any meal.Technical Specification : Main Burn..

Gas Grill 3200

Discover the best of all worlds. A modern gas grill that sits pretty on your patio, with the power of two burners. Small enough to fit in a smaller yard yet big enough to grill an entire roast. Explor..

Charcoal Grill Performer Premium 57cm

Venture to the backyard, where your mood will gently change. Finish mixing salad on the side table while grates heat in preparation for the main course. Once all is done, and the timer sounds, take in..

Charcoal Grill Smokey Mountain 47 cm

Do it for the love of classic barbecue. For tender meat falling off the bone and the first savory bite that makes taking it low- and-slow, in your Smokey Mountain Cooker smoker, worth every moment.Tec..

Gas Grill E 410

The social spark of your backyard. An excuse for a spontaneous get-together. And the new center of your inner-circle. Invite the crew, ignite the Genesis® II E-410 GBS gas grill, and let the GS4 grill..

Gas Grill S 340

Imagine a fully featured kitchen with stainless steel accents in the comfort of your backyard. While the GS4 grilling system works magic under the lid, focus on your specially crafted sauce simmering ..
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Grilling is a form of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of food, commonly from above, below or from the side. Grilling usually involves a significant amount of direct, radiant heat and tends to be used for cooking meat and vegetable quickly.

- Cookkart’s grills are designed with interior focus light which grills the chicken from inside and outside with high performance.

- Its low calorific food value help to lose weight and facilitate a different type of grill corresponding with Weber grill and Charcoal grill. 

- Food cooked on a grill has significantly lower values of fat and calories.

- Grills cook food at a rapid rate, drastically reducing the time it takes to prepare meals.

- The grills are made from high-quality material, which makes it durable, weatherproof and corrosion-resistant material.

- Uniform heating allows the food to cook evenly across the entire grill.

- It entirely runs on bottled propane or natural gas, though propane is the more popular option.

- The charcoal grill is the best way to achieve the Smokey, tender taste.