Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment

By stocking up on the necessary cleaning equipment in your commercial kitchen, you’ll be able to tackle grease, dirt, and other grime. You’ll also be able to help prevent your equipment from becoming overly saturated with residue by performing certain cleaning tasks daily. Be sure to purchase the Equipment like Dishwasher, glasswasher, garbage crusher and air curtains, so your workplace will continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Cleaning Equipment

ðWe here have a commercial dishwasher, a plate warmer, glass washer, garbage crusher machine, insect killer and air cutter.

ð     Cookkart provides this best commercial dishwasher that not only cleans the kitchen wares but also sanitizes them up to a great extent. 

ð      Cookkart has designed them in such a way that they meet efficiency and saves much time. With a very low percentage of chemicals, Cookkart’s dishwashers are friendly to use. 

ðEnsures no drops of unclean water will fall the end of the rinsing cycle

ðAn effective rinse system uses only 3 L

ðThe constant temperature of 84 °C though out the rinsing cycle