Dough Rounder

Dough Rounder

Automatic Dough Rounder works continuously when there is fresh dough inside of the dough container; pushing out perfectly portioned dough balls into the Rounder below. The machine has built-in safety features that direct the moving parts to stop when the front or upper door of the dough rounder is opened

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Dough Divider Rounder Semi Automatic Sinmag 30 Pcs

The Sinmag SM-330 Semi-Auto Bun Divider divides and rounds dough to a precise set weight (which can be adjusted easily) – ensuring a perfect rounded dough piece is produced each time. The shafts and m..
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Dough Rounder

ð This is cookkart’s finest dough rounders made of best quality stainless steel

ð It can perform dough rounding in bulk.

ð And can perform best when it comes to commercial usage.

ð This smart dough rounding machine can perform the task as per the operator’s command.

ð The dough made will be of your quality of choice.

ð Moreover, it is made of SS no harm to dough material is promised.

ð Yes, it does and you can choose this cookkart’s product as per your need and demand.