Chicken Marinating Machine

Chicken Marinating Machine
Chicken Marinator Machine breaks down long strands of muscle and softens the collagen. When you use a commercial meat marinator machine in your foodservice establishment, you’ll be able to transform the toughest meats into tender and juicy cuts. After you’ve properly tenderized your chicken, steak, pork chops, or salmon, simply add the seasonings and marinades of your choice. A commercial vaccum marinator tumbler makes it easy to prepare and tenderize meat, poultry, and fish prior to marinating. Stock up on a handheld or heavy-duty meat tenderizer to use in your butcher shop, deli, grocery market
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Chicken Breading Table

These breading tables are compact and portable for Powder wrapping of Chicken and preparing products for frying. A spring-loaded hinged marinade basket makes preparing raw product into the frying read..
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