Cutlery Sterilizer

Cutlery Sterilizer

Cutlery sterilizer by Cookkart kills 99.9% bacteria and germs in no time. The most efficient, effective, and quick cutlery sterilizer completes the sterilization process in minutes. The large capacity allows a large number of cutlery items to disinfect, sterilize, and clean.

Including a light indicator and auto shut-off option, the advanced cutlery sterilizer does not produce large bills. It is a profit-making appliance, which is a must for every commercial kitchen. The lightweight of a profitable cutlery sterilizer makes it easy to carry.

Buy now as the best cutlery sterilizer is now available on Cookkart for a very low price.


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Cutlery Sterlizer Sirman

Sirman Sterilizers, model Ster UV 16w is Made from AISI430 stainless steel. Chamber is closed by a smoked plexiglass door h.48 cm.Nr. of lamps and power : nr. 2 x 8 wattPower       &nbs..
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Cutlery Sterilizer

As we have a variety of sterilizers one can choose among their preferable features, and yes we do have a cutlery sterilizer with UV protection to ensure the killing of all microbes and germs.
Being able to sterilize utensils at a fast pace steadily can become your helping hand in your career and hence making it efficient to use.
- Some of Our modern time's cutlery sterilizer comes with dry heat technology so that after cleaning no water droplet remain on cutlery set preventing its vulnerability towards the dirt .
- It comes with various adjustment options to clean utensils accordingly.