Papad Machine

Papad Machine
Cookkart’s commercial product range includes a wide range of papad making machines. These machines are compact, robust, energy-efficient, competitive and their high performance boosts up the papad preparation process. With a tough, hard-hitting, and stainless steel body, the enticing papad making machine is resistant to its quick wear and tear.  Made from food-grade material, the Cookkart’s papad making machine is perfect for making savouries in various sizes and shapes. The easy mechanism to operate the durable papad maker eliminates the need for manual whirlingGrab this heavy-duty and resilient papad making machine and gift your guests an unforgettable meal. 
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Pappad Rolling Machine

This simple foot-operated pappad rolling machine can make up to 500 papads/hour from Dal flour dough. The thickness of the papad altered in the machine by adjusting the clearance between the roller. i..
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Papad Making Machine

Appalam / Papad making machine is used to produce Papads which is used to accompany Indian food meals. These Papads are like tortilla bread usually round in shape and are either fried or roasted. It is usually made of seasoned dough compiled with powdered pulses, spices, salt and chilly along the line.

Traditionally a Papad can be manufactured with a variety of pulses. Operating this Papad machine is an elementary process. A seasoned dough is prepared with all the desired ingredients. Once the dough is ready it is made in small balls that are ready to pass through the Papad press. Circular Papads are Made as per the size of the mold. Once the Papads are dried, they are ready for packaging.

- Ensures a non-stop continuous process.

- Occupies less space due to this compact design

- Requires no skilled labor due to its easy operation and user friendly

- Ensures long service life

- They are known for dimensional stability

- Nil wastage of the product, Low noise operation, and Less maintenance 

- These machines have a unique and reliable design

- The thickness of the Papad can be altered