Glass Washer

Glass Washer

With Cookkart’s integrated glasswasher, the glass window can be cleaned and cleared more efficiently and easily. The cost-effective glasswasher has been manufactured using high quality, grade ‘A’ plastic, silicon, rubber, and aluminium, all of which add to its main features of stability and dependability. The hard-hitting glasswasher is very comfortable and convenient to operate, thanks to its ergonomic design and curved handle. Also, the glasswasher is slip-resistant and absorbs shock. Buy the fascinating glass washer at a very fair price only on Cookkart and make your bar, kitchen or hotel, more tidy than before. 

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Glass Washer 30 Racks Electrolux

Enjoy a spotless wash, that too without using much water. No water is wasted as the light beam senses the level of soiling and turbulence of water and adjusts the water usage accordingly. This ensures..
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Glass Washer

Commercial glass washers provide the most efficient method of cleaning large volumes of glassware for your restaurant, bar, school, or hospital. Designed specifically to handle glasses without causing chips or damage, our undercounted glasswashers ensure that you never run out of clean glassware.

• Faster washes - Even medium-size washers can handle 15-20 racks per hour, which equates to over 200 glasses being washed with each cycle.
• A glasswasher uses weaker detergent and the wash cycle is relatively shorter than dishwasher resulting in little to no damage to your glassware.
• Fast: Some industrial washers can clean up to 400 glasses in one hour, saving lots of time for your staff to tend to other things

• Glasswasher machines are typically compact in both height and width so they can fit under most commercial counters and bars without taking up much of your valuable floor and storage space.
• They are efficient pieces of equipment since they can typically wash and sanitize a large number of glasses in a very short time.