GN Pan

GN Pan
Stainless Steel GN Pans are used as durable food holders for food service purpose. Gastronome pans are perfect for holding food, condiments, or any other eatery items. They are widely used in every hotel, restaurant, catering, canteen and even home kitchen. Gastronome Pans and Gastronome trays are available in Stainless Steel , Polycarbonate GN pans and Perforated GN pans

Gastronorm Pan

The gastronomy is a uniform system used to measure the maximum capacity of a given container. By using this system, chefs and other catering professionals can optimize the capacity and the efficiency of the given working space/unit such as a commercial fridge or freezer of which they are working/with.


The pan sizes are standardized which makes finding the exact plan for your needs is made effortless. They are available in a variety of standard sizes and food-safe materials.

GN pans can be helpful for storage and right measurement of food, depending on the type of food it can be used in heating or cooling environments, it also makes the process of transporting the food easier. Also, food can be displayed without having to change containers.

Gastronorm pans are manufactured using different types of food-safe materials. Stainless steel, Polycarbonate, polypropylene for storage use; stackable stainless steel for processing; melamine-ware for display purposes. Perforated GN pans which are ideal for draining food, Plastic GN pans are suitable for refrigeration, food prep and service.

GN Pans are very sturdy with a stiffer base. These pans take a lot of wear and tear. The pans save space and assure safety while handling food. They are completely odorless, flavorless, and resistant to corrosion.

They are easy to clean and handle under a standardized three-stage cleaning process. They are also dishwasher safe.