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Tea Spoon

₹ 220

Cookkart's Cutlery sets are highly admired for their finest finish and superior polish. Fabricated using best quality stainless steel, this cutlery set consists of teaspoons, dessert spoons, soup spoons, table forks, dessert forks, table knives and dessert knives etc.smooth and plain design with a round curve at the end of the handle. the design is in 3mm thickness with the rolled cup.Above Mentioned Price is for Set of 12Pcs (One Dozen)Technical Specifications:Material&..

Sizzler Plate Round With Handle 5"

₹ 460

Cookkart's Sizzler Plates are made of seasoned Sesham Wood base & have a cast Iron Plate on Top. These sizzler plates are available in Round, oven and Square shapes with diameters ranging from 5" to 14" sizes. Ideal for Indian dishes such as shaslik or kebabs or even traditional steaks and meats. Improve your table presentation with these serving platters.Technical Specifications :Shape          : Round with HandleDimension    : 5 I..

Bottle Opener 5.5x9.5 Cm

₹ 50

This bottle opener is super stealthy. Hide it in your wallet, and break it out when others least expect it!. The slim design fits into any wallet credit card slot. Great for professional bartenders as well. Start popping bottles like a pro!..

Bar Set Stainless Steel Box Pack 4 Pcs

₹ 560

This bar set is perfect to boost your bar-tending skills and add luxury to them. As this bar set is enough to add sparkle to your party night with sophistication.Made from 100% stainless steel/ Copper making them highly durable and resistance to corrosion.  Material: Stainless Steel  Contents:2 Cocktail ShakerPeg MeasureStrainer..

Cup Sealing Machine Semi Automatic

₹ 13,600

Plastic cups are widely used to fill water, juices and dairy products like yoghurt and buttermilk. The manual cup sealing machine provides an ergonomic foil sealing solution for those customers who have a production requirement of about 600-700 cups per hour. Alternatively, it can also find utility in restaurants or cafe's for sealing take-away packages as it is compact and portable. Technical Specifications:Type               ..

Roti Making Machine Automatic 450 Pcs

₹ 145,000

This Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine is fabricated using high-quality components. And drastically reduces the manpower cost. This machine is used for mass production of chapattis in lesser time. It is widely used in hotels, schools, hostels, mess etc. This machine provides evenly baked chapattis from both the sides and of equal size. This chapatti machine is highly durable and requires less maintenance. It has great capability to consume less power...

Sevai Making Machine 1.5 Hp

₹ 29,000

Successful Grinding Technology for Turmeric, Red Chilli, Coriander, Spices MS heavy duty Body Structure Power Full Hammer for Turmeric grinding Best for small business easy to operate and easy to move..

Soda Machine 6+2 Mobile Type

₹ 222,000

A soda making machine is a great start-up idea. The investment of purchasing and installing soda making machine is very low. Soda making machine business is really a great business idea with a small investment.Technical Specification:Soda Machine : 6+2 Mobile / Van typeVoltage            : 220 voltWattage           : 1100 wattBody                : Stainless steelCompressor..

Turkish Ice Cream Machine Single Hole

₹ 96,500

Turkish Ice Cream machines barrels are designed specifically not to melt ice cream easily and also not to freeze. Hence it becomes ease to the vendor to stretch the ice cream contained in the barrel up to 3 to 4 meters long over the stick.Technical Specifications:Power                : 1300 WCompressor       :  Hitachi, LG or equivalentWeight                : 180kgsVo..

Hand Wash Sink Wall Mounted 600 Mm

₹ 15,000

Handwash sink fabricated by 304-grade stainless steel sheet, it will be commonly used for Marriage Halls and hotels, school mess...

Chicken Cleaning Machine 20 Birds

₹ 72,900

Chicken feather cleaning Machine is used for chicken skin removing.Fit for chicken food processing plant or factory, or used for hotel and restaurant, very advanced skill to remove skin and durable and high output. First we should put the chicken in to hot water (65degree) about 3-5 minutes, then put in the machine for processing, skin and nail can be removed completely and clean, very convenient to operating, a tap water connected with the machine tap which used on wash..

Juice Dispenser Double 9+9 Ltr

₹ 8,400

Juice dispenser Single the height of the SAN plastic drink container can be individually adjusted, and an ice tube is available as an accessory to keep juice cold for longer. The clever pourer means drinks can be served hygienically without any dripping.Technical Specifications :Bowl Capacity : 9 Ltr + 9 LtrMaterial           : Acrylic Jar , Stainless steel BaseType                : DoubleFeatures :Sty..

Besan Mixing Machine 20kg

₹ 36,000

Besan mixing machine used to make roti doug, farshan mixng etc.Besan mixer machine is used to evenly mix the water and the batter or gram flour  powder, applied in diluted batter powder. The independent mixing tank, and arm will be rotate. The method of high installation of the motor avoids the damage of the motor when cleaned. Mixing tank can be separated and make it easy to clean. Batter mixer machines are used for mixing differnt kind of batters like khaman, dalw..

Carrot Juice Machine Big

₹ 15,500

Juicer machines are the quickest way to get fresh, healthy juice from fruits and vegetables. Masticating machines are designed to get the most possible juice from the product, so very little juice is thrown out with the pulp. Some of the more powerful machines can be used to grind vegetables and spices, and even extrude pasta commercial centrifugal juicers are a common option for juicing a variety of soft or hard fruits and vegetables...

Dhokla Steamer 10 Tray

₹ 25,800

Dhokla Steamer can be designed for Khaman / Dhoklas / Idlies and any other steamed items. It is made using the finest raw components and material. The product can be made available to prepare many steamed items like Khaman Idlies and Dhoklas. The size of the products can vary according to the quantity of batter. We make use of induction suitable S.S. material for manufacturing these products in line international standards.Technical Specifications :Tray    &nbs..

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