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Snow Ice Machine

₹ 50,500

Flake ice or Snow Ice is a  granular type of ice, perfect for display of fresh fish or for use by hotels for buffets for moisturizing and cooling foodstuff to perfection. Flake ice is also perfect for use in research labs and bio-medical, life sciences and healthcare applications...

Juice Dispenser 1 Tank

₹ 28,000

If you’re operating a brunch buffet, self-service line, or even an off-site catering operation, you’ll want to ensure that your cold beverages are available on-hand for the masses. Cold Juice dispensers ensure that your drinks stay mixed and are ready for consumption at the touch of a button or the flip of a lever. Choose from a variety of dispenser setups and styles to ensure an aesthetically-pleasing, food safe beverage station.Electric Juice dispenser come with specia..

Popcorn Machine 250g

₹ 12,800

The machine pops delicious, theater-quality popcorn in 3-5 minutes, Mild Steel food zone and tempered glass panels. Plexiglas, high impact doors. Aluminum Kettle with MS Steel Shell & High-output, hard-coat anodized aluminum, side-hinged kettle, lets you effortlessly set this popcorn popper up, and the kettle 'ready' lights let you know when you can add ingredients for cooking. Dropping-assisted kettle makes it easy to unload popcorn when it's done cooking...

Chicken Cutting Machine 0.5Hp

₹ 44,300

Chicken Cutting Machine is designed to cut parts of the chicken manually. The Chicken meat cutting machine contains a stainless steel frame and motor.our chicken cutting machine is completely made of stainless steel parts so it gives the extended life. Our chicken cutting machines bring the advanced features to reduces your effort towards the chicken cutting process, our machine is manufactured with finest quality steel, and it has the ability to cut the chicken into pie..

Chicken Cleaning Machine 3 Birds

₹ 16,500

Chicken feather cleaning Machine is used for chicken skin removing.Fit for chicken food processing plant or factory, or used for hotel and restaurant, very advanced skill to remove skin and durable and high output. First we should put the chicken in to hot water (65degree) about 3-5 minutes, then put in the machine for processing, skin and nail can be removed completely and clean, very convenient to operating, a tap water connected with the machine tap which used on wash..

Banana Wafer Machine

₹ 26,500

Banana Chips Making Machine is favorites snacks of most of the people. Our wide range of Banana Chips Making Machine is able to cut the potato into very thin slices and after that they are fried in cooking oil as they reduce their moisture.Vegetable Slicing machine can slice Vegetable like banana,potatoes and cucumber etc with desired width .By installing different blade, it can also be used to cut root vegetables into strips or pieces, such as bamboo ..

Besan Mixing Machine 5kg

₹ 24,000

Besan Mixing Machine is used to make roti dough, farshan mixing etc.Besan mixer machine is used to evenly mix the water and the batter or gram flour  powder, applied in diluted batter powder. The independent mixing tank, and arm will be rotate. The method of high installation of the motor avoids the damage of the motor when cleaned. Mixing tank can be separated and make it easy to clean. Batter mixer machines are used for mixing differnt kind of batters like khaman,..

Carrot Juice Machine Small

₹ 8,900

Juicer machines are the quickest way to get fresh, healthy juice from fruits and vegetables. Masticating machines are designed to get the most possible juice from the product, so very little juice is thrown out with the pulp. Some of the more powerful machines can be used to grind vegetables and spices, and even extrude pasta commercial centrifugal juicers are a common option for juicing a variety of soft or hard fruits and vegetables...

Dhokla Steamer 6 Tray

₹ 21,500

Dhokla Steamer can be designed for Khaman / Dhoklas / Idlies and any other steamed items. It is made using the finest raw components and material. The product can be made available to prepare many steamed items like Khaman Idlies and Dhoklas. The size of the products can vary according to the quantity of batter. We make use of induction suitable S.S. material for manufacturing these products in line international standards...

Electric Kadai Tabletop 6ltr

₹ 15,750

Your search for multi-utility Electric Kadai ends with Cookkart. Roast, fry, bake, grill or make delectable curries & stews, all in this eletric kadai. The spacious pan powered upto 1500-Watts cooks food uniformly even with little fat, making it ideal for health-conscious individuals.The adjustable temperature control, and cool-touch handles aids safe and trouble-free cooking. the pan cooks, heats and warms food promptly.Electric Kadai is a perfect helping hand for f..

French Fry Cutter Hand Operated Plastic Die

₹ 3,000

Finger Chips( french Fries) Machine helps user to cut potato, onion, tomato chips inside this machine and make slice...

Garbage Crusher

₹ 25,000

Our selection of garbage crusher will help you keep your kitchen cleaner and draining efficiently. If you’re looking to reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint with a high quality product that’s built to last, a commercial food disposal is for you! We carry disposers in a variety of options to best fit your needs, including different sizes and horsepowers. Many options have features to keep them from overheating as well, such as water cooling systems or built-in therma..

Gravy Machine 1Hp

₹ 10,000

Cookkart provides Gravy machines at the best price in India. Cookkart presents Gravy making machine backed with 1 HP heavy-duty motor for quick operational efficiency. The Gravy machine is made up of high-quality stainless steel food-grade material & the gravy grinder machine is used for any commercial purposes where grinding of high volume masala and spices is required. Making gravy for huge volume is no longer a tougher task and can be prepared with ease, high oper..

Mango Juice Machine Small

₹ 35,800

Juicer machines are the quickest way to get fresh, healthy juice from fruits and vegetables. Masticating machines are designed to get the most possible juice from the product, so very little juice is thrown out with the pulp. Mango juicer machine is used to cut vegetables and fruits into paste or mud condition, no matter they are hard one or soft. It adopts a high-speed working principle of multi-tool, easy to operate, functional and adaptableTechnical Specification..

Orange Juice Machine

₹ 15,800

Juicer machines are the quickest way to get fresh, healthy juice from fruits and vegetables. Masticating machines are designed to get the most possible juice from the product, so very little juice is thrown out with the pulp. This is mainly used for extract juice from orange, mosambi, pineapple, grape, sweet lemon, etc. it operates by a 0.5hp electric motor..

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