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Alfaham Chicken Barbecue Machine

Al Faham grilled chicken is a popular middle eastern dish prepared with chicken marinated in Arabian spices. This Al Faham Chicken Barbecue machine equipped with 3 toaster bats and 350w motorized fan...

Atta Kneader 2Kgs

A dough mixer rotates the mixing bowl while the agitator spins in place to make quick work of mixing and kneading tough dough. dough kneading machine is designed for high capacity mixing, ..

Automatic Sausage Filling Machine

Make your own delicious, fresh sausage with this vertical economy sausage stuffer! The sturdy tube holds up to 10Lb of meat, and its vertical design is great for operations where space is at a premium..

Bain Marie Counter 6Ltr 2 Pans

A bain marie counter, a type of heated bath, is a piece of equipment used in Buffets, and hotels to heat Prepared foods  gently or to keep food items  warm over a period of time. High-qualit..

Banana Wafer Machine

Banana Chips Making Machine is favorites snacks of most of the people. Our wide range of Banana Chips Making Machine is able to cut the potato into very thin slices and after that t..

Bar Set Velvet Box 2 Pcs

This bar set is perfect to boost your bar-tending skills and add luxury to them. As this bar set is enough to add sparkle to your party night with sophistication.Made from 100% stainless steel/ Copper..

Beer Cooler 100Ltr Under Counter

Our cooling systems hold beer at a constant temperature from keg to glass and prevent any increase in beer temperature between the cooler and the faucet that can lead to dispensing problems such as..

Besan Mixing Machine 5kg

Besan Mixing Machine is used to make roti dough, farshan mixing etc.Besan mixer machine is used to evenly mix the water and the batter or gram flour  powder, applied in diluted batter powder. The..

Bottle Opener 3.5x8.5 Cm

This bottle opener is super stealthy. Hide it in your wallet, and break it out when others least expect it!. The slim design fits into any wallet credit card slot. Great for professional bartenders as..

Bread Slicer 12mm

Bread Slicers are compact, easy to operate, backloading machines that are ideal for slicing of bread loafs in a safe and efficient manner and are suitable for any bakery. The press plate can be adjust..

Carrot Juice Machine Small

Juicer machines are the quickest way to get fresh, healthy juice from fruits and vegetables. Masticating machines are designed to get the most possible juice from the product, so very little juice is ..

Cereal Dispenser 3ltr

This single cereal dispenser which holds 3 litres of cereal features a dishwasher proof plastic body with a stainless steel lid and base. With a tap mechanism  it allows you to release measured p..

Chapati Puffer Table Top

Chappathi Dosa Plate with Puffer, which is manufactured using high-grade stainless steel. It comes in different specifications and is appreciated for its silent operations, low fuel consumption, corro..

Chicken Breading Table

These breading tables are compact and portable for Powder wrapping of Chicken and preparing products for frying. A spring-loaded hinged marinade basket makes preparing raw product into the frying read..

Chicken Cleaning Machine 3 Birds

Chicken feather cleaning Machine is used for chicken skin removing.Fit for chicken food processing plant or factory, or used for hotel and restaurant, very advanced skill to remove skin and durable an..
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