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Infrared Cooktop Sunk In Flat

₹ 7,900

Infrared Sunk in Cooktops are efficient and have high-frequency electromagnetic elements. They are powerful and high strength and facility. They are giving the facility to cook with minimal loss of energy. ..

Electric Proofer 16 trays

₹ 33,000

Proofing is the final step in making dough before baking, when you allow the dough to rise via the fermentation of yeast. Since dough rises best in warm and humid environments, the Bakery Proofers with humidification allows you to set the perfect temperature and humidity levels to get consistent, repeatable results ..

Planetary Mixer 10Ltr

₹ 32,000

Like in the cosmic planetary movement, the beaters in these mixers move like planets in the bowl so that the food is mixed thoroughly. All parts are made of quality stainless steel to ensure that they meet the required hygiene standards for food. They are simple to operate and easy to clean.         ..

Spiral Mixer 6Kg/10Kg

₹ 42,000

In the spiral mixing methodology, both the mixer and bowl revolve simultaneously, thus giving an enhanced mixing effect. They come with a safety cover and all parts that come in contact with food are made of stainless steel.   ..

Bread Slicer 12mm

₹ 45,700

Bread Slicers are compact, easy to operate, backloading machines that are ideal for slicing of bread loafs in a safe and efficient manner and are suitable for any bakery. The press plate can be adjusted to suit the bread height. The machines are easy to clean after use so as to maintain requisite hygiene levels. ..

Deep Fryer 1 tank 6ltr 2.5Kw Electric

₹ 3,900

Deep Fryer has an immersed heating element. The thermostat enables setting different temperature for different frying needs. It is very compact & can be used for Deep frying comfortably on your table top ..

Griddle Plate 3kw Electric

₹ 9,300

Griddles Plates provide a large cook surface that transfers heat evenly.  It is a smooth surface to cook many of the same foods including meat such as steak and chicken, as well as vegetables and seafood. The smooth surface of a griddle pan makes it also suitable for pancakes, French toast, bacon, eggs or crepes.Technical Specifications :Dimensions  : 550 x 430 x 240 MMPower           : 3 KWVoltage         ..

Milk Shake Machine Single

₹ 5,800

Whipping up a milkshake or frozen beverage has never been easier with the freestanding single spindle drink mixer/milkshake machine. A convenient hook on the machine operates as a cup rest and engages the power button to support the hands-free, stress-free operation to optimize your prep time.Technical SpecificationDimension :230*250*570mmVoltage   :220-240VPower     :0.3KWWeight    :3.6kgApplication : Used to Prepare Milkshakes / Froze..

Pan Cake Maker 1 head Electric

₹ 5,800

 This machine is designed to make pancakes in a few minutes, which makes it easier to serve this snack quickly without making your customers wait. Available in Gas and Electric Models. Technical Specification: Dimensions (WXDXH) mm : 270*470*260Voltage                                : 240v/50HzPower ..

Commercial Juicer

₹ 9,300

 This Commercial Juicer is intended for the preparation of juice from different fruits and vegetables in catering and trade. The model is equipped with a step less speed control. The body is made of stainless steel, the lid and glass are made of food-grade plastic. ..

Commercial Blender 2Ltr

₹ 6,500

blenders are ideal for café’s, food-courts, juice bars, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Their simplicity lies in their ‘easy-to-use’ manual controls; a variable speed dial and pulse button which allow you to have just as much control as you might want from a professional machine. ..

Chicken Killing Cone 5 Birds

₹ 21,500

Chicken killing cone Used to easily butcher ( halal)  chickens, simply place the chicken in the cone upside down and pull their head gently through the bottom opening so their beak is facing you.Once the chicken has bled out and is no longer alive, it is ready to be scalded and de-feathered. ..

Traditional Tea/Coffee Maker 200Gms

₹ 5,500

stainless steel traditional filter coffee maker used to brew coffee that works on electricity. There are two different brewing size capacity is available in the traditional filter coffee maker (200/500 Grams).For 200 grams brewing size capacity – The user can add 2 Litres of boiled water above the filter mesh. Brewing output is 20 minutes. Finally, you can devour up to 60 – 65 cups per process. After the procedure completes you need to switch on the warmer to maintain th..

Commercial Wet Grinder 2ltr Short

₹ 9,000

To meet the requisite demand of the clients presenting cookkart's commercial wet grinders being the leading manufacturer, retailer and supplier of food supplies equipment offering commercial wet grinder built with a stainless steel body. It is enabled with a shockproof design which ensures safety. Cookkart's commercial wet grinder is the greatest revolution in the world of kitchen appliances. It is supported with heavy-duty motors for the fastest grinding. The commercial..

Tilting Wet Grinder 5Ltr

₹ 31,000

Cookkart's commercial tilting wet grinder is a smart product for the efficient and fine grinding backed with tilting features. It is highly reliable when it comes to fresh grinding of batter for Dosa, Idly, Vada &much more to serve the big gatherings a healthy dishes. The cylindrical grooved stones enable easy & fine grinding of the batter supported with the high torque motor. The Equipment is made up of high-quality stainless steel food-grade material. The comme..

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