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Nevin Hitech

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Flour Sifter 90

₹ 179,000

Used mainly for mixing flour, for baking powder, soda and other dry ingredients for making dough. The process of flour sieving is also able to eliminate impurities and oxygen the ingredients. The industrial flour sifter can realize a quick and consistent mixing of dough and there are different kinds according to their capacities. Technical Specifications :Capacity             : 90kgProduction Time : 90kg in 7minFeatures :Fabricated..

Dough Moulder Mini

₹ 286,000

Mini Dough Moulder gives even and tight rolling of dough to give uniform texture and crumb structure. It handles the dough so gently that will not tear the gluten but still uniformly distributes the air pockets , to give a close crumb structure. Doubles the production in half the time and minimizes table work. Technical Specifications :Power Source   : 3 PhaseDriven Type       : Timer PulleyOperation Mode : AutomaticFeatures :Fabricated..

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